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Reflections on the blogosphere

May 30, 2010


When reflecting on my blog experience I came to the conclusion that, overall, it was a positive and engaging one, although at times frustrating, certainly enjoyable as far as assessments go. I think this type of assessment could easily be misinterpreted as straightforward and could seem to be less demanding compared to the final assessments […]

Hungry tummies think alike.

May 25, 2010


Gerard Hauser described the public sphere as “a discursive space in which individuals and groups congregate to discuss matters of mutual interest and, where possible, to reach a common judgment.” In contemporary society, there is no finer example of this than the internet which to me even seems synonymous with Hauser’s definition of the public […]

Keeping it real

May 21, 2010


I’m now getting more and more into this blog business and as a result I feel like I finally have some sort of meagre grasp on the technicalities of my blog, so much so that I was actually able to put a Creative Commons License  on my blog (insert smily). Since I try to correctly […]

How ‘cool’ is your blog?

May 14, 2010


As far as I'm concerned, design is always a marker of distinction. This 'marker' is often design's most practical and often equally impractical function.

Finding my nook in the niche

April 22, 2010


Niche blogging is becoming ever popular with the rapid growth and abundance of blogs now focussing more on less. The great thing about niche blogging is that,  in being ‘niche’, we don’t have to fit in or comply with traditional blogging methods.  As blogs have evolved from their early versions, now, by definition, we have […]