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Posted on April 21, 2010


Ivana Muchalot here, humble uni student by day and food lover all of the time.  Like most, I adore food and eating out as my name may suggest.

I’m a Melbourne gurrl born and raised and over the years I’ve taken full advantage of living in Australia’s gastronomic capital.

When it comes to food, I don’t discriminate and I’m willing to try ANYTHING (I think).  I’ve eaten things like snails and black pudding but now I’m setting myself new a challenge.

Melbourne’s about as multicultural as it gets and the home to myriad nationalities and the delicacies that come with.

The city is riddled with japanese, chinese and italian food(slash people) but what about those more obscure nationalities and their restaurants that aren’t necessarily found in every suburb?

The challenge: to move out of my weekly comfort zone of going out to dinner with friends at my local Thai or Indian restaurant.  I’m aiming to visit as many different and exotic restaurants as my budget (and size 8 clothing) will allow.

This blog will follow the conventions of a review as I will asses the food, presentation, ambiance, service, price, etc of the restaurants but with the added twist of some interesting food to say the least. All the eateries I visit will recieve an overall rating out of 5.

Before visiting the restaurants I will research the local culture of the food and give a little run down on the traditional cuisine of the restaurant and compare it with my personal, Melbourne dining experience.

Now time for me to get my rear into action and do some extensive research to find my first tasty target.

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